Associate Degree in Business Administration

Welcome to Penn State Altoona and thank you for your interest in the associate degree in business. We have exciting opportunities for you in our program. You will work with highly qualified faculty in business, law, management, marketing, and information systems. An advantage of the associate degree in business is that it provides you with an academic credential at the end of two years as a full-time student or the approved 60 credits at your own pace as a part-time student. This is a great starting point to improve your career opportunities either in a new position or in your current job.

Upon completion of the associate degree in business, you may also choose to proceed seamlessly to the bachelor of science in business here at Altoona or to selected other majors in the Penn State system. You will work with an experienced faculty member as your academic advisor.

You will have the opportunity to participate in an elective business internship as part of your curriculum. Internships provide valuable experience before graduation and a great resume item. Some of our past students have had very interesting internships with local sports organizations, local retailers, manufacturing organizations, and non-profit organizations. Both students and host companies have been very pleased with this experience.

You may want to participate in the Society of Business club and meet local entrepreneurs or participate in the Students in Free Enterprise competition.

Good luck in your studies.

For more information:

Deborah Hommer

Ms. Deborah K. Hommer

Senior Instructor in Business Administration
Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences & Technology

Office: 223 Penn Building
Phone: 814-949-5265

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