Advising Notes

  1. If you plan to graduate this semester, be sure to activate your intent to graduate on elion the beginning of the semester.
  2. The required marketing course is Mktg 221W, Do not register for Mktg 301. You cannot count both Mktg 221W & Mktg 301 toward graduation. If you plan to continue on to the BSBAL degree, Mktt 221W will substitute for Mktg 301.
  3. You should register for Engl 202D when you are close to graduation. This course is restricted to 4th semester students, i.e., >= 45 credits.
  4. If you plan to continue in the BSB degree after receiving your Assoc. degree, please note:
    • To be admitted to the BSB major, you must complete your math sequence through Math 110. You may take Math 110 and BA 321after you complete your 2BA. But you must complete Math 110 before you can proceed further in the baccalaureate curriculum at Altoona. So, if you want to continue as a BSB student, we recommend that you take one of the following math courses as part of your 2BA curriculum, as a supporting course;
    • If you placed into and completed Math 21 , take Math 22 as a supporting course
    • If you placed into and completed Math 22, take Math 110 as a supporting course.
    • If you placed into and completed Math 110, CONGRATULATIONS!
  5. Good News: Associate degree students can register before the baccalaureate students, so you have a real advantage on getting your courses if you do early walk-in registration at the registrar's office. If you wait to register by phone or on elion, you are in the pool with all the other students based on your number of credits. Check the schedule in the registrar's bulletin for dates.

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Deborah Hommer

Ms. Deborah K. Hommer

Senior Instructor in Business Administration
Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences and Technology

Office: 219 Aaron Building
Phone: 814-949-5265

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