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Business Supporting Courses
Course Abreviation Course Title Prerequisites or Concurrent enrollment Cannot Count Both Toward Graduation
B A 195Business Practicum  
B A 250Problems with Small BusinessECON 
CMPSC 101Introduction to Algorithmic ProcessesMATHCMPSC 201C, 201F, CSE 103
CMPSC 203Principles of Programming with Business ApplicationsMATH 
ECON 102Intro MicroEconomics  
ECON 104Intro MacroEconomics  
H P A 101Intro to Health Services Organization  
IST 210Organization of DataIST 110 or MIS 103  
IST 220Networking and TelecommunicationsIST 110 or MIS 103  
IST 250New Media and the WebIST 110 or MIS 103  
L E R 100Industrial Relations  
L E R 136USGender Issues in Business  
MATH 22 GQCollege Algebra II  
MATH 110Business Calculus  
MKTG 220Personal Selling3rd Semester  

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Deborah Hommer

Ms. Deborah K. Hommer

Senior Instructor in Business Administration
Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences and Technology

Office: 219 Aaron Building
Phone: 814-949-5265

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