Supporting Courses

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Business Supporting Courses
Course Abreviation Course Title Prerequisites or Concurrent enrollment Cannot Count Both Toward Graduation
B A 100*Introduction to Business  
B A 195*Business Internship  
B A 250Problems with Small BusinessECON 
ECON 102Intro MicroEconomics  
ECON 104Intro MacroEconomics  
FIN 100*Intro to Finance  
FIN 108*Personal Finance  
H P A 101*Intro to Health Services Organization  
IST 110 GS*Information, People, and Technology  
IST 210*Organization of DataIST 110 or MIS 103  
IST 220*Networking and TelecommunicationsIST 110 
IST 250*New Media and the WebIST 110 or MIS 103  
L I R 100Industrial Relations  
L I R 136 USGender Issues in Business  
M I S 103*Microcomputer Applications in Business  
MATH 22 GQCollege Algebra II  
MATH 110Business Calculus  
MKTG 220Personal Selling3rd Semester  
R EST 100Real Estate Practice  

*Professional Studies Option Only

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Deborah Hommer

Ms. Deborah K. Hommer

Senior Instructor in Business Administration
Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences and Technology

Office: 219 Aaron Building
Phone: 814-949-5265

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