Penn State Altoona's 75th Anniversary

Penn State Altoona is turning 75!

Homecoming Parade
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Carnival Fireworks
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Webster Building Man on small bicycle Ground Breaking for Hawthorn Building Celebrating Chancellor and Dean Lori J. Bechtel-Wherry Devorris Downtown Center Ivyside Amusement Park
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Water Slide Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence
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Homecoming Bonfire

On September 13, 1939, the Altoona Undergraduate Center opened in the Webster Grade School Building in downtown Altoona. In 1940, a second downtown building, Madison, was added to make room for sophomore science courses.

Returning World War II veterans overfilled the Webster and Madison buildings in 1946 and the Center desperately needed more space. After raising $50,000, the Advisory Board purchased Ivyside Park in 1947, an abandoned 38-acre amusement park on the outskirts of the city, for a new campus.

The park was home to the world's largest concrete swimming pool, now a parking lot for the college. Existing park buildings such as the bathhouse, a huge two-block-long dressing room, were renovated for the Center's use—hence the Center's affectionate nickname, "Bathhouse U." The Ivyside Park campus opened in 1948 with approximately 600 students and 30 faculty members.

And we've been growing ever since!

Join us as we celebrate our 75 year history over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year with a wide variety of events for our community.

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75 Years