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Summer Programs in Health Care

A summer experience can bring to life what you have been learning in your coursework. It can greatly expand your understanding of your chosen field and bring you into contact with expert researchers and educators. Your academic experience will be greatly enhanced by making this addition to your record. Many choices exist. Some offer academic credit, some offer a stipend, and some have opportunities for financial aid. Below are listed some of the possibilities along with Web links:

Internships coordinated by the Internship Office at Penn State Altoona. Go to the Internships site or visit Tom Shaffer, the Internship Coordinator in the Learning Resources Center, Room 211.

Volunteering/ Shadowing in your field of interest. Go to the Career Services Web site or visit Rebecca Maguda, director of Career Services, Room 126 Slep Student Center. They can also assist you with interviewing skills, resume and cover letters and job searches. Act soon: you may be required to complete training and a background check may necessary. Remember to keep a detailed log of your experiences and follow up with a written note of appreciation to your mentor.

Study Abroad Opportunities are a wonderful way to broaden your experience. As a science major, you must plan ahead in order that all the requirements of your degree program are met either at PSU Altoona or at the institution you plan to visit. Go to the Education Abroad Web site or visit Beth Seymore, the Education Abroad Advisor in the Learning Resources Center, Room 211A..

Field Courses. If you are interested in ecology, environmental science, or wildlife, there are many field stations in the United States and abroad which offer summer courses for college credit and have provisions for independent field research. Review the courses in advance and consult with the coordinator of your program to determine how these courses would meet the requirements of your degree program. This is a helpful link for field stations: http://www.obfs.org/.

Explore the professional organization of your chosen field and schools of interest for announcements of summer programs and open houses


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