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Political Science, B.A. (PLSAL)

About the Major...

The Political Science major provides students with a general education in the liberal arts and an introduction to the complexities of the political process. The major offers students the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of American politics, politics of other nations, and political theory. The major is designed to offer students maximum flexibility when selecting classes. Courses transferred from your study abroad experience may possibly be used either in the advanced courses and related are of the major. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Advisors in the department.

Courses in political science emphasize reading, interpreting, assessing, formulating, and communicating complex arguments about real-world topics. Since the arguments may range from the abstract and philosophical to the empirical and statistical, this minor presents an excellent opportunity to apply and sharpen skills.

About the Minor...

The political science minor is particularly useful for students contemplating careers in business, education, law, human services, criminal justice, environmental advocacy, engineering, or any field in which an understanding of government and the ability to understand, assess, formulate, and communicate complex arguments is essential.

The political science minor encourages students to develop the capacity to exercise sound judgment about important issues. Through a variety of classes, students expand their abilities to function as effective citizens, make well-reasoned decisions, and successfully communicate ideas.

Course required for the minor


Dr. Daniel DiLeo
Associate Professor of Political Science
Arts and Humanities

Office: 129B Smith Building
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