Division of Business and Engineering

Rail Transportation Engineering

Rail Transportation Engineering, B.S. (RTEAL)

Recommended Academic Plan

Semester 1Credits
MATH 140 GQ Calculus I4
ENGL 15 or 30 GWS Rhetoric & Composition3
CHEM 110 GN Chemical Principles3
EDSGN 100 Engineering Design & Graphics3
GA Gen Ed Art3
Total Credits16
Semester 2Credits
MATH 141 GQ Calculus II4
CAS 100 GWS Effective Speech3
PHYS 211 GN Mechanics4
ECON 002, 004, or 014 GS3
GA Gen Ed Art3
Total Credits17
Semester 3Credits
MATH 251 Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations4
PHYS 212 GN Electricity & Magnetism4
E MCH 211 Statics3
GEOSC 001 Physical Geography3
GH Gen Ed Humanities3
Total Credits17
Semester 4Credits
MATH 220 Matrices2
CMPSC 201 Programming for Engineers3
E MCH 212 Dynamics3
E MCH 213 Strength of Materials3
GHA Health & Physical Activity3
ENGL 202C Technical Writing3
Total Credits17
Semester 5Credits
C E 310 Surveying3
RTE 301 Railroad Industry Overview & Economic Regulation3
RTE 303 Rail Operations & Safety3
RTE 305 Railroad Communication & Signals3
STAT 401 Experimental Methods3
Total Credits15
Semester 6Credits
CE 335 Soil Mechanics3
C E 360 Fluid Mechanics3
RTE 402 Railroad Operations Practicum3
RTE 302 Railroad Track Location, Construction & Maintenance3
C E 336 Materials3
C E 337 Materials Lab1
Total Credits16
Semester 7Credits
C E 333W Construction Management3
C E 340 Structural Analysis3
C E 332 Professionalism, Economics & Construction Project Delivery3
RTE 403 Railroad Track Practicum3
RTE 404 Railroad Mechanical Practicum3
Total Credits15
Semester 8Credits
ACCTG 211 Financial & Managerial Accounting4
Technical Elective See list3
GS Gen Ed Social Science3
RTE 406 Railroad Capstone Project4
Total Credits17

Bold type indicates courses requiring a grade of C or higher.

GWS, GHA, GQ, GN, GA, GH and GS are codes used to identify General Education requirements.

W is the code used to designate courses that satisfy the University's Writing Across the Curriculum requirement.


Mr. Stephen L. Dillen
Instructor in Electrical Engineering
Business and Engineering

Office: 103F Sheetz Family Health Center
Phone: 814-940-3331