Division of Business and Engineering

Security and Risk Analysis

Security and Risk Analysis, B.S. (SRA)

Recommended Academic Plan

Freshman Year

Semester 1Credits
SRA 111 Introduction to Security and Risk Analysis ETM Course3
IST 110S/110 Information, People and Technology ETM Course3
ENGL 015 or ENGL 030 (GWS) 3
Foreign Language 0014
CMPSC 101 (GQ) Intro to C++ Programming or
IST 297D Into to Application Programming
Total semester credits:16
Semester 2Credits
SRA 211 Threat of Terrorism and Crime ETM Course3
Foreign Language 0024
Natural Sciences (GN)3
CAS 100 (GWS)3
ECON 102 (GS)3
Total semester credits:16

Sophomore Year

Semester 3Credits
SRA 221 Overview of Information Security3
STAT 200 (GQ)4
Foreign Language 0034
IST 220 Networking and Telecommunications3
Total semester credits:14
Semester 4Credits
SRA 231 Decision Theory and Analysis3
PSYCH 100 or SOC 0053
IST 2104
Natural Science with lab (GN)4
Total semester credits:14

Junior Year

Semester 5Credits
SRA 311 Risk Management Assessment and Mitigation3
International Course3
STAT 460 or SRA 497A3
GEOG 040 or PL SC 001 or PL SC 014 (GS)3
Arts (GA)3
Total semester credits:15
Semester 6Credits
IST 432 Legal and Regulatory Environment of IST3
ENGL 202C or ENGL 202D (GWS)3
IST 451 Network Security3
Support of Option3
Arts (GA)3
Total semester credits:15

Senior Year

Semester 7Credits
IST 456 Security and Risk Management3
International Course3
Support of Option3
Health and Physical Activity (GHA)3
Natural Sciences (GN)2-3
Total semester credits:14-15
Semester 8Credits
IST 440W IST Integration and Problem Solving3
IST 4543
Support of Option3
Humanities (GH)3
Total semester credits:15

Bold type indicates courses requiring a quality grade of C or better.

Italics indicate courses that satisfy both major and General Education requirements.

Bold Italics indicates courses requiring a quality grade of C or better and that satisfy both major and General Education requirements.

GWS, GHA, GQ, GN, GA, GH, and GS are codes used to identify General Education requirements.

US, IL, and US;IL are codes used to designate courses that satisfy University United States/International Cultures requirements.

W is the code used to designate courses that satisfy University Writing across the Curriculum requirements. ETM Course: Entrance to Major Requirements

ETM Course: Entrance to Major Requirements

  • At least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average prior to and through the end of the semester during which the entrance-to-major procedure is carried out.
  • A grade of C or better in each of these courses:
    • IST 110
    • SRA 111
    • SRA 211

Program Notes
For the B.S. degree in Security and Risk Analysis, a minimum of 120 credits is required.

* International Courses: RL ST 001 or HIST 010 or HIST 011.

Effective Summer 2009, students in the SRA major with a program year of 2009 or later or in INFST are required to earn a C or better in CMPSC 101 and all IST and SRA courses required by the major and all prescribed courses required by the option. Information for the 2008 program year or earlier, can be found here. If you are unsure of your program year, run a degree audit and meet with your adviser.

This Academic Plan is a general guide but can vary depending on option, course availability and previous coursework. This "guide" is a tool that should be used in combination with your Adviser and your Degree Audit.

The amount of foreign language you completed in high school, results of advanced placement exams, and results of optional proficiency exams determine what level of language you will take. See your adviser for details.

† Prescribed Courses (12 credits): IST 220, IST 451, IST 454, and IST 456.

‡ Support of Option Courses: Select 9 credits from: IST 210, IST 302, IST 402, MGMT 100.


Dr. Jungwoo Ryoo
Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Business and Engineering

Office: 147 Robert L. Smith Learning Resources Center
Phone: 814-949-5243
WWW: http://www.personal.psu.edu/jxr65