Academic Year Costs

Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

This page is also available as downloadable PDF which includes a cost estimator worksheet.

The academic year tuition noted below applies to freshmen and sophomores. The complete 2013/2014 tuition and fees schedule is available at Each student’s tuition and fees are based upon his/her grade level, college/major, campus location, and residency. A Tuition Calculator and College Cost Calculator are available on the website to help identify a student’s charges considering the specific factors noted. When using the calculator, remember that the campus is the location of enrollment for the next academic year. The college of enrollment is the academic unit with administrative responsibility for the major in which the student wants to graduate.

PA and Non-PA Residents
Academic Year

Room & Meals
(will vary for each student)
Books & Supplies
(will vary for each student)
(will vary for each student)
  • No forms or income criteria are required to qualify for the tuition differential
  • The tuition differential continues at the junior and senior level for students who choose to complete their Penn State degree at Penn State Altoona

Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Room & Board ~ Per Semester

Residence Halls
Oak/Maple Hall (Traditional)
Spruce Hall (Suite)
Cedar Hall (Suite)
Meal Plans
Plan 1 ~ $1,945 Plan 2 ~ $2,030 Plan 3 ~ $2,090
Plan 4 ~ $2,200 Plan 5 ~ $2,280 Plan 6 ~ $2,450
  • On-campus housing is not guaranteed for Penn State Altoona freshmen. Housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Throughout the Penn State system, there is no guarantee that students living on-campus will have on-campus housing the next year. Housing will be assigned annually using a lottery system for all enrolled students.
  • A meal plan can be used at dining facilities at any Penn State campus.
  • Students living off-campus can purchase a meal plan.

Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Fees ~ Per Semester (x2)

Fees remain at the student’s campus of enrollment and are NOT distributed to other campuses.

An Information Technology Fee is charged to all undergraduate students at all campus locations. Computer Access Accounts provide unrestricted access to Penn State’s computing facilities as well as electronic mail and the World Wide Web. Income from the fee provides direct support for computer services for the purchase of microcomputers and software for student laboratories.

The Activity Fee improves out-of-class experiences at all campus locations. Each campus has a student-run committee that allocates these funds. The student activity fee is used to increase the number and quality of clubs and organizations, recreational and fitness programs, lectures, music and cultural programs.

The Facilities Fee will be used for facilities designed for student activities, recreation, or enhancement of student life. Each campus will have an advisory committee, including student representation that will recommend ideas that the Facilities Fee could help achieve.

Penn State Altoona Info. Tech. Fee Activity Fee Facilities Fee Total
Less than 5 credits$84$27$36$147
5 to less than 9 credits$186$65$87$338
9 or more credits$248$87$116$451


All students bringing a vehicle on campus pay a parking fee that supports the costs associated with providing student parking. Freshmen are permitted to have a vehicle on campus at Penn State Altoona. Parking regulations, vehicle registration and parking fees are available at

The Loop Bus provides shuttle service between areas near the campus and to the Downtown Campus. Loop Bus schedules and time tables, as well as other free services, are available at

Tuition Credit /Part Time Enrollment – PA Residents

CreditLower Div.Upper Div.