Some Tips: Using the Bus Between Ivyside and Downtown

Some Tips: Using the Bus Between Ivyside and Downtown

Check out the Penn State Altoona page at for schedules and other info

Bring your ID

Use myStop by QR Code: All AMTRAN bus stops have a Quick Response (QR) code for your smart phone posted on the myStop sign. It will tell you when the next bus will arrive in real time. (QR code readers are usually available as a free download at your App Store.)

Look at the bus destination signs to find out where the bus is headed. There is a big sign on the front and side of each bus. When you are boarding downtown, make sure it says Ivyside and not Walmart or Logan Town Centre if you are heading back to campus.

Use myStop by Phone: Just dial 814-944-1200 and punch in your bus stop number. The computer will tell you when the next bus will arrive in real time.

Sign up for Amtran Rider Alerts at

Plan time for walking from the bus to class! The buses stop at the Transit Center downtown and you will need to walk to Devorris/Aaron and the Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

Ask the driver where the bus goes if you are not sure. You can always ask a driver if you need help. Helping customers is part of their job.

To get downtown for a class on the hour, take the 20 after the hour bus. You will be cutting it close if you take the 20 of the hour bus. (Beginning at 5 p.m., service is once per hour.)

Avoid scheduling back-to-back classes between the Ivyside and Downtown campuses.

Complaints? Tell someone at AMTRAN. We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it! Email or go, click on “Contact AMTRAN” and use the “Compliments & Complaints” form.

And keep the following in mind: 1) For public transportation, anything less than 5 minutes late is not considered late. Common delays are traffic and assisting the elderly or our customers with disabilities. 2) A complaint should include route name, date, and time for it to be useful. 3) There is GPS on all the buses so we can “replay” a specific route, date, and time to confirm if it was running late. 4) There are also 5 video cameras onboard the buses which can be very helpful in nailing down certain types of complaints.