Career Services workshops on ANGEL

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Career Services is pleased to offer a number of interactive workshops available on ANGEL, the Penn State course management system.


  1. Go to the >ANGEL Web site.
  2. Login using your Penn State Access Account user ID and password.
  3. Go to the My Groups section of your profile and select the "Find a Group" link at the top of the section.
  4. Enter the keywords "career services" and click "Search."
  5. Select "Enroll (no PIN required)" for the desired workshop.
    Note: There will be a list of workshops and presentations that show up when you search. Scroll down until you find the correct one.
    • Career Services - Effective Job Search Strategies
    • Career Services - Interviewing Skills
    • Career Services - Professional Resume Preparation
    • Career Services - Recorded Presentations
    Once you have enrolled, you can return to the workshops/presentations at any time. Just look in "My Groups" for them.
  6. We appreciate your feedback! After you've explored the workshop, please take a moment to fill out the "Workshop Evaluation Survey " located right beneath the workshop itself.
  7. Technical Assistance: If you need any assistance enrolling in the group, please contact the help desk at 814-863-2494 or click on the Help link on the left side of the Angel screen, then select "Ask Question" to submit your question.