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February 2013

Ivy Link
To Cope and Prevail

Faculty Member Emphasizes German Culture in New Book

Dr. Ilse-Rose Warg, instructor in German, recently published the book To Cope and to Prevail: Growing up in Germany in the 1930s-50s with AuthorHouse, a subsidiary of Penguin Publishing.

The book provides a personal account of her life in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich and World War II and addresses the war’s aftermath and the country’s division into East and West Germany. Warg’s primary focus is on Germany’s culture—its people, customs, and traditions.

Warg invites the reader on a journey, providing opportunities to identify with characters that include her friends, relatives, and fictional members of the Stammtisch. In a footnote, Warg describes a Stammtisch as a group primarily composed of men that reserves a table at an inn for a designated time to discuss current events and play a popular card game called Skat.

“My book brings German culture to the forefront,” Warg wrote in her introduction. “It shows how people responded to ever-changing rules, laws, and regulations. I delve into the emotional aspect of history, into what makes history a ‘story.’”

A member of the faculty at Penn State Altoona since 2000, Dr. Warg earned three degrees from Penn State: a bachelor’s in 1969, master’s in 1970, and Ph.D. in 1991.

Available in paperback and as an eBook, To Cope and to Prevail can be found at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.