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September 2013

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Rebecca Lee Harshbarger

My Fifth Year

A Column by Rebecca Harshbarger
Administrative Alumni Relations Specialist

My summer spent working with Development and Alumni Relations was such a rewarding experience. I learned so much from each member of the “team” and was given the opportunity to directly assist in the planning of various upcoming projects the office oversees.

One thing I was especially thankful for was that my internship did not turn into the type one hears about so often: one filled with endless filing and “busy work.” I happily took over the task of creating a Facebook page for our alumni and friends, and so allow me, if I may, to direct any readers to “like” our new page at www.facebook.com/pennstatealtoonaalum!

The first “official” event I attended was the Kids’ College Reception at the Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence. It was such a neat way to witness the interaction between faculty, staff, and donors. The success of Kids’ College was made evident, and the presentations by those involved with the program were powerful and compelling.

Kids’ College and programs like it are dependent on great people who choose to give back in the ways they do. The planning of Alumni Weekend, and both the Pioneer and Lion Ambassador reunions, carries on. As I mentioned in last month’s post, I continue to learn how much time and effort is necessary to prepare for these events.

To me, as a recent graduate of Penn State Altoona, it does feel a bit bizarre returning to campus for different engagements. I see students walking with their overpriced lattés in hand, and it feels strange to not be among them. Luckily for me though, I am not completely out of the loop.

It looks as though my time at Penn State Altoona is not yet ending. I continue to prepare for our Class Gift campaign that will, with any luck, instill a sense of generosity in students at Penn State Altoona and provide them with an incentive to give while they are still with us. After all, I cannot be a student forever, but this position affords me the perfect opportunity to positively impact the lives of students and alumni with a new perspective.