Praxis Testing

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) in conjunction with the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson has developed the new Pennsylvania Education Tests (PECT). These tests will be available on April 2, 2012. After that date, the ETS test will no longer be appropriate for students seeking Pennsylvania certification. Passing scores from ETS tests administered before April 2, 2012 will continue to be accpeted for ten years.

Requirements for Entrance to Major

Qualifying scores on the PRAXIS I: Pre-Professional Skills Tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics are required for entrance into the EEDAL major.

Qualifying Scores for Praxis tests
Test Qualifying Scores Method 1 Qualifying Scores Method 2
READING 0710 172 169 minimum
WRITING 0720 173 170 minimum
MATH 0730 173 170 minimum

Qualifying scores on the PRAXIS PPST I Reading, Writing, and Math tests must be in the Penn State system - appearing on your degree audit - by the end of the fall semester prior to your spring entrance to major semester.

Recommended Scheduling
Students are strongly encouraged to attempt these tests by the end of the freshman year or by no later than the September testing date of the sophomore year.

Requirements for Instructional I Certification

For the Instructional I Certificate, the Pennsylvania Department of Education currently requires qualifying scores on the following PPST II tests:

  • FUNDAMENTAL SUBJECTS: CONTENT KNOWLEDGE — 0511 or 30511 paper based only
    paper based - 0011 or 10011
    computer based - 5011

Recommended Scheduling

FUNDAMENTAL SUBJECTS: CONTENT KNOWLEDGE can be taken anytime; can be taken same day as PPST I ; must be taken by the beginning of the graduation semester to prevent delay in Instructional I Certificate

ELEMENTARY ED: CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION, & ASSESSMENT can be taken toward the end of the DI Block semester; must be taken by the start of the graduation semester to prevent delay in Instructional I Certificate

NOTE: Make sure you have these scores reported to Penn State. If your scores do not appear on your degree audit, a copy of your ETS score sheet must be attached to your certification application submitted during your graduation semester. KEEP YOUR ETS SCORE SHEET(S)!

Important: PRAXIS Scores are accepted by the PDE for a period of only 5 years from the dates of administration. If you postpone applying for certification, it may be necessary to retake some tests

For more information about PRAXIS tests, visit Penn State College of Education Teacher Testing or ETS Pennsylvania Praxis Test Site.

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