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Selected List of Course Descriptions

The following is a list of Earth and Mineral Science courses offered at Penn State Altoona.  Courses are for students majoring within Earth and Mineral Sciences and also includes general education courses for the non-science majors.

EARTH 101 (GN;US) Natural Disasters: Hollywood vs. Reality (3) Analysis of the causes and consequences of natural disasters; comparison of popular media portrayal of disasters with perspective from scientific research.  (Generally offered every semester).

GEOG 010 (GN) Physical Geography: An Introduction (3) Survey and synthesis of processes creating geographical patterns of natural resources, with application of basic environmental processes in resource management.  (Generally offered every semester).

GEOG 020 (GS;US;IL) Human Geography: An Introduction (3) Spatial perspective on human societies in a modernizing world; regional examples; use of space and environmental resources; elements of geographic planning.  (Generally offered every semester).

GEOG 040 (GS;IL) World Regional Geography (3) Introduction to the world as an interdependent community built from unique and independent regions and nations.  (Generally offered Spring semester).

GEOG 115 (GN) Landforms of the World (3) Distribution of the world's landform features and mineral resources; their characteristics, causes, and significance. Practicum includes correlated field trips and laboratory studies.  (Generally offered Spring semester).

GEOG 123 (GS;IL) Geography of Developing World (3) Patterns of poverty in poor countries; conventional and non-conventional explanations; focus on solutions; case studies of specific regions.  (Generally offered Spring semester).

GEOG 160 (GS) Mapping Our Changing World (3) Fundamental concepts of GIS, cartography, remote sensing, and GPS in the context of environmental and social problems.  Course serves as an introduction to GIS.  (Generally offered Fall semester).

GEOSC 001 Physical Geology (3) Earth processes and their effects on the materials, structure, and morphology of the earth's crust. Practicum includes field work, study of rocks, minerals, dynamic models, and topographic maps. (This course includes from one to several field trips).  (Generally offered Fall semester). 

GEOSC 020 (GN) Planet Earth (3) Nontechnical presentation of earth processes, materials, and landscape. Practicum includes field trips, study of maps, rocks, and dynamic models, introduction to geologic experimentation. (This course includes from one to several field trips).  (Generally offered Fall semester). 

METEO 003 (GN) Introductory Meteorology (3) Nontechnical treatment of fundamentals of modern meteorology and the effects of weather and climate. A student who took METEO 002 may take the laboratory part of this course for 1 credit only. (Generally offered every semester).

METEO 005 (GN) Severe and Unusual Weather (3) Non-technical introduction to the physical processes important in the formation of various severe and unusual weather phenomena. (Generally offered Spring semester). 

SOILS 101 (GN) Introductory Soil Science (3) A study of soil properties and processes and relationships to land use, plant growth, environmental quality, and society.  (Generally offered Spring semester).  

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