Environmental Studies, B.S. (ENVBS)

Recommended Academic Plan

First Year

Semester 1Credits
ENGL 015 (GWS)3
BIOL 110 (GN)4
CHEM 0203
CHEM 0211
ENVST 100 (GS)3
Health Activity (GHA)1.5
Semester 2Credits
ENGL 180 (GH)3
BIOL 220W4
MATH 22, 40 (GQ)* or elective3
CAS 100 (GWS)3
ECON 102 or 1043
Total 16

Second Year

Semester 3Credits
CHEM 110 (GN)3
CHEM 111 (GN)1
MATH 110 or 1404
SOILS 1013
Health Activity (GHA)1.5
GEOSC 0013
Total 15.5
Semester 4Credits
PHYS 250 (GN)4
Humanities (GH)3
Social Science3
BIOL 230W or 240W or BIOL 2223-4
Natural Science3

Third Year

Semester 5Credits
STAT 200 or 250 (GQ)3-4
CHEM 2023
GEOG 160 (GS)3
ENGL 202A, B, C, or D (GWS)3
Arts (GA)3
Semester 6Credits
ENVST 2003
GEOG 1153
ECON 4283
PL SC 135 (GS) or PL SC 4253
INTSP 390 or ENVST 2961

Fourth Year

Semester 7Credits
Arts & Humanities3
HIST 4533
ENVST 395 or 4963
Arts (GA)3
Semester 8Credits
PHIL 4033
Natural Science (400-level)3

Total credits: 121-123*

* For students who do not place in Math 110 or 140

Green highlighted courses are new requirements in BS in Environmental Studies (different from BA)

Bold indicates courses requiring a grade of C or higher.

Italic Bold indicates courses requiring a grade of C or higher that satisfy both major and General Education requirements.

GWS, GHA, GQ, GN, GA, GH and GS indicate General Education requirements.

W indicates a course that satisfies the University's Writing Across the Curriculum requirement.


Ian Marshall

Dr. Ian S. Marshall

Professor of English
Arts and Humanities

Office: 128 Misciagna Family Center for Performiing Arts
Phone: 814-949-5107
Email: @psu.edu
WWW: http://www.personal.psu.edu/ism2

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Carolyn Mahan

Dr. Carolyn G. Mahan

Professor of Biology
Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Office: 209 Hawthorn Building
Phone: 814-949-5530
Email: @psu.edu
WWW: http://www.personal.psu.edu/cgm2

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