Recommended Academic Plan (ENVBS) - Environmental Studies - Penn State Altoona

Recommended Academic Plan

Environmental Studies, B.S. (ENVBS)

Semester 1 Recommended Academic Plan
Semester 1Credits
ENGL 015 (GWS)3
BIOL 110 (GN)4
CHEM 0203
CHEM 0211
ENVST 100 (GS)3
Health Activity (GHA)1.5
Semester 2 Recommended Academic Plan
Semester 2Credits
ENGL 180 (GH)3
BIOL 220W4
MATH 22, 40 (GQ)* or elective3
CAS 100 (GWS)3
ECON 102 or 1043
Total 16
Semester 3 Recommended Academic Plan
Semester 3Credits
CHEM 110 (GN)3
CHEM 111 (GN)1
MATH 110 or 1404
SOILS 1013
Health Activity (GHA)1.5
GEOSC 0013
Total 15.5
Semester 4 Recommended Academic Plan
Semester 4Credits
PHYS 250 (GN)4
Humanities (GH)3
Social Science3
BIOL 230W or 240W or BIOL 2223-4
Natural Science3
Semester 5 Recommended Academic Plan
Semester 5Credits
STAT 200 or 250 (GQ)3-4
CHEM 2023
GEOG 160 (GS)3
ENGL 202A, B, C, or D (GWS)3
Arts (GA)3
Semester 6 Recommended Academic Plan
Semester 6Credits
ENVST 2003
GEOG 1153
ECON 4283
PL SC 135 (GS) or PL SC 4253
INTSP 390 or ENVST 2961
Semester 7 Recommended Academic Plan
Semester 7Credits
Arts & Humanities3
HIST 4533
ENVST 395 or 4963
Arts (GA)3
Semester 8 Recommended Academic Plan
Semester 8Credits
PHIL 4033
Natural Science (400-level)3

Total credits: 121-123*

* For students who do not place in Math 110 or 140

Green highlighted courses are new requirements in BS in Environmental Studies (different from BA)

Bold indicates courses requiring a grade of C or higher.

Italic Bold indicates courses requiring a grade of C or higher that satisfy both major and General Education requirements.

GWS, GHA, GQ, GN, GA, GH and GS indicate General Education requirements.

W indicates a course that satisfies the University's Writing Across the Curriculum requirement.

For more information, contact:

Ian Marshall

Dr. Ian S. Marshall

Professor of English
Arts and Humanities

Office: 128 Misciagna Family Center
Phone: 814-949-5107

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Carolyn Mahan

Dr. Carolyn G. Mahan

Professor of Biology
Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Office: 209 Hawthorn Building
Phone: 814-949-5530

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