Currently Active External Awards - Research and Sponsored Programs - Penn State Altoona

Currently Active External Awards

The faculty and staff of Penn State Altoona seek a variety of external awards from foundations, agencies, and other sponsors to support their research, teaching, creative activities, and service responsibilities. Listed below are those awards that are currently active, the faculty or staff member responsible, and the source of funding. Please contact responsible faculty or staff for additional information about awards.

Externally Funded Projects

Dr. Thomas Krainer, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, “RUI: Collaborative Research: Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on Singular Manifolds and Applications in Complex Geometry,” National Science Foundation, (

Dr. Grant Risha, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineer, “Spray and Combustion of Gelled Hypergolic Propellants for Future Rocket and Missile Engines,” Department of the Army – Material Command, (

Dr. Grant Risha, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, “Nanoenergetics and High Hydrogen Content Materials for Space Propulsion,” Air Force Office of Scientific Research, (

Dr. Sandra Petrulionis, Professor of English & American Studies, “The Almanacks of Mary Moody Emerson: A Scholarly Digital Edition,” National Endowment for the Humanities, (

Dr. Peter Shull, Associate Professor of Engineering, “Improved Retention and Recruitment through Academic & Financial Support,” National Science Foundation, (

Dr. Carolyn Mahan, Associate Professor of Biology, “National Park Natural Resource Assessments: Synthesizing and Interpreting Existing Natural Resource Information and Studies to Better Inform Park Planning in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County,” National Park Service, (

Dr. Jungwoo Ryoo, Assistant Professor of IST, “Exploration of a Collaborative Virtual Computer Laboratory (CVCLAB) to Enhance Distance Learning in Information Security,” National Science Foundation, (

Dr. Carolyn Mahan, Associate Professor of Biology, “A Comprehensive Assessment of Natural Resources and Visitor Impacts to Cliff Habitats in the New River Gorge National River (NERI),” National Park Services, (

Dr. Carolyn Mahan, Associate Professor of Biology, “Red Spruce Restoration in Pennsylvania: Habitat Restoration for Northern Flying Squirrels and Other Conifer-dependent Wildlife Species of Conservation Concern,” Department of Conservation of Natural Resources, (

Dr. Grant Risha, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineer, “High-Energy Segregated Fuel/Oxidizer Solid Rocket Propulsion System,” Los Alamos National Laboratory, (

Dr. Hai Huang, Assistant Professor in Engineering, “Field Investigation & Modeling of Track Substructure Performance under Trains Moving at Critical Speeds,” Federal Railroad Administration, (

Dr. Lisa Emili, Assistant Professor of Geoscience, “Establishing Riparian Buffers along Spring Run, Penn State Altoona,” Blair County Conservation District, (

Dr. Rebecca Strzelec, Associate Professor of Visual Arts, “EFRI-ODISSEI: Multi-field Responsive Origami Structures – Advancing the Emerging Frontier of Active Compliant Mechanisms,” National Science Foundation, (

Dr. Hai Huang, Assistant Professor in Engineering, “An Automated System for Rail Transit Infrastructure Inspection,” U.S. Department of Transportation/Research and Innovative Technology Administration, (

Dr. Darin Zimmerman, Division Head of Math and Natural Sciences, “Collaborative Research: Electro-optical Studies of Nanoscale, Geometrically-Asymmetric Tunnel Junctions for Collection and Rectification of Light from Infrared through Visible,” National Science Foundation, (

Dr. Kim Menard, Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice, “AVON: Healthy Relationship College Program Grant,” AVON Foundation for Women, (

Dr. James Julian, Assistant Professor in Biology, “Ranavirus and Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis Surveys of Amphibian Populations in Mitigated and Natural Wetlands in PA,” National Science Foundation, (

Dr. Corien Bakermans, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, “STEM Academic Research Training Engaging Underrepresented Pennsylvanians,” National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (

Dr. Kofi Adu, Assistant Professor in Physics, NNIN: National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network – Summer Internship Program/LEF Supplement,” Cornell University, (