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Student Disability Resources


The Accommodation Letter

At the beginning of the semester you may be approached by a student with a disability, who has a letter written by staff at the Office for Student Disability Resources (SDR). This letter will provide an explanation of how the student's disability impacts his/her learning. The letter will also contain suggested classroom accommodations for the student based on his/her disability. It is the student's responsibility to present this to you early in the semester so that accommodation procedures are clear from the start. It is best to meet with the student individually to discuss the accommodations and how they will be carried out. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the suggested accommodations, you may contact the staff that has signed the letter.

NOTE: University faculty and staff do not have the right or a need to access diagnostic or other information regarding a student's disability; they only need to know that accommodations are necessary or appropriate to meet the student's disability-related needs. If a student has requested an accommodation, the student will be informed as to what information is being provided to the faculty or staff regarding the request. To protect confidentiality by assuring limited access, all disability-related information must be filed with Student Disability Resources.