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Andrew Culp, '13

History major Altoona, PA

"There are so many career paths with a history degree, from teaching to research and beyond. Our professors are engaging and teach us to apply what we learn. And we have opportunities to learn through travel—like to D.C. and Gettysburg. It’s a great major and has taught me so much."


Do you share a passion of the past? The Bachelor of Arts in History major at Penn State Altoona is well-suited for students interested in a variety of private- and public-sector careers. These include preparation for entry into the fields of law, historical preservation and museums, government and community service, librarianship, business, and education. History majors will develop skills in research, writing, synthesis of disparate information, and knowledge of foreign cultures. Students in the History major will choose an emphasis in at least two of the three major world areas offered, including Western civilization, the United States, and non-Western civilizations. Students majoring in History will also choose from upper- and lower-level courses in American history, European history, Non-Western history, environmental history, the history of science, and the history of women. The senior capstone will consist of either a major research project or an internship where the student can explore public-history career options while gaining valuable workplace experience. Join the dedicated History faculty and students of Penn State Altoona in the effort to make the past fun, accessible, and relevant.

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Marc Harris

Dr. Marc L. Harris

Associate Professor of History
Arts and Humanities

Office: C129D Smith Building
Phone: 814-949-5242
Email: @psu.edu

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Steven Andrews

Dr. Steven C. Andrews

Instructor in History
Arts and Humanities

Office: C122 Smith Building
Phone: 814-949-5355
Email: @psu.edu

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