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Marisa Bertani, '15

  • Integrative Arts major
  • Benedum Center/Pittsburgh CLO internship

"The Integrative Arts major is your own personal degree – you can mold it into what you want. My focus is theatre, but I can also take dance, voice, and music classes. And I’ve been able to add a communications concentration so that I will be more marketable after I graduate. I’ve had so much personal attention from my professors and they really push me to do my best. I’m graduating confident and ready for my future."

Make your passion your future.
The Integrative Arts degree at Penn State Altoona allows you to pursue your interest in the arts in a way that is unique to you. We have created specific tracks of study for those interested in Theatre, Music and Dance performance and production, and we encourage nontraditional artists to create unique tracks, combining from a wider array of courses. Each student, with the assistance of an advisor, will create a proposal that will describe his/her goals within the integrative arts major. A plan of course work will be determined to help meet these goals, be it graduate school or specific careers.

Program Highlights

Integrative Arts majors complete a senior project in their final year. The goal is to create a new statement in the arts, integrating their chosen fields of study. Students often choose to produce, direct, perform, create exhibitions, or write books, but anything is possible. Collaboration with other seniors is highly encouraged.

Opportunities abound for those interested in any type of involvement in performance or production: a minimum of two theatre productions every year, Ivyside Dance Ensemble, Ivyside Pride exploring all genres of choral music, five additional music ensembles, a literary magazine, and a student newspaper.

The introduction of tracks to the Integrative Arts major allows students to choose between following a suggested course of study and designing their own with areas both inside and outside the art disciplines.

The Theatre track will offer many courses to study performance technique and many performance opportunities. This track also opens up the entire backstage and production elements to the student: lighting, sound, set and costume design, and construction are areas of study as well as stage management.

The Dance Performance track gives the student choices between technique courses, body awareness, and creative process courses. In addition to performance opportunities, some backstage production courses will be required. The Dance Production track recommends more backstage courses to assist the dancer in learning to speak the language necessary to produce work. This will be in addition to technique, theory, and creative process courses.

The Vocal Performance track highlights a number of genres of music. Theory and vocal instruction will provide the basis for the many performance opportunities. The Music Production track includes theory, composition, sound production, and recording courses to round out the full production experience of the musician interested in producing work.

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KT Huckabee

Ms. KT Huckabee

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Arts and Humanities

Office: 127 Misciagna Family Center
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