Kevin Herbein - Spring 2002 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Spring 2002

Kevin Herbein

When Kevin Herbein graduates from Penn State Altoona next year, he hopes to not only find a successful career but also do something in which he truly believes. Kevin is preparing for his future goals now by being part of a unique internship program. Through this internship, he has the chance to influence the lives of young people by sharing with them the many opportunities that exist throughout Pennsylvania.

Kevin, who is from Texas and majoring in criminal justice with a concentration in business and a minor in entrepreneurship, was selected by the Team Pennsylvania Foundation as one of 13 interns throughout the Commonwealth. His internship responsibilities involve representing the Stay Invent the Future program, a statewide initiative developed to help retain Pennsylvania's talented young people in its labor market.

"As an intern with this exciting new program, I'm spending time visiting colleges, high schools, and businesses throughout the Southern Alleghenies region to make them aware of the Stay Invent the Future program," Kevin said. "I've also talked with students about the job and internship opportunities that exist in Pennsylvania and made them aware of websites that can help them in their search, and I've been meeting with business leaders who may be looking for students to hire or provide experience as part of an internship program."

"I'm very honored to have been selected as one of only 13 students throughout the state to participate in this beneficial program," Kevin emphasized. "I'm gaining skills in marketing and business that will help me in my future career, while also helping to raise awareness of the many opportunities that exist in Pennsylvania. Hopefully, my work will help area businesses and the local economy to prosper."

The Stay Invent the Future Internship Initiative is funded by the Team PA Foundation in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). It consists of components ranging from online activities, outreach at the regional and local levels, and partnerships with key organizations already engaged in activities to attract young people to Pennsylvania and retain them in the local workforce.

"The Stay Invent the Future program provides valuable tools that we canshare with students, so they can see that their decision to stay in or come to Pennsylvania after graduation is the right one," Kevin said.

In addition to full-time classes and working a minimum of 15 hours each week as part of his internship responsibilities, Kevin is gaining leadership skills that will benefit him in his future career by serving as president of the Society of Business Students, tour director of the Lion Ambassadors, and a member of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise).

"I've learned so much about responsibility and leading an organization to where you want it to go," Kevin said of his experience as president of the Society of Business Students, which has grown from eight to 44 members under his leadership.

"Being involved in so many activities here has really benefited me. At Penn State Altoona, I'm like a big fish in a small pond, because I've gotten to meet business and community leaders such as Steve Sheetz and John Wolf. I might not have had so many valuable opportunities had I chosen a larger school."

He sees this experience as especially valuable to local students, who can see the success stories of business leaders who grew up in the Altoona community.

"Many of Penn State Altoona's students are from the surrounding community and it's inspiring to learn about the success stories of individuals who are from the local area. These individuals were once students just like us, so it provides us with hope that we too can one day have a successful career."