Class Notes - Fall 2003 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Fall 2003

Class Notes

Paul R. Hoffman '44, '52g is interested in hearing from former classmates who attended the Altoona Undergraduate Center during the years 1939-41. He may be contacted at 105 Glendale Road, Exton, PA 19341. (Penn State Altoona 1939-41)

William A. Dunn '48, of State College, PA, is Assistant Dean Emeritus in the College of Engineering. He was an instructor at the Altoona Undergraduate Center from 1948 to 1956, when he transferred to the University Park Campus. William served among the faculty members who taught the first classes at Ivyside Park. A retired Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army, William is a veteran of World War II and Korea. (Penn State Altoona 1941-42)

Robert S. Rothrock, Jr. '50, retired from DuPont in 1981, and now spends six months of each year in Fanwood, NJ, and the remainder of the year in Seminole, FL. (Penn State Altoona 1946-48)

Kenneth E. Huff '51, '57g, of Silver Spring, MD, became a first-time grandparent on June 12, 2002. Before retiring, he was a teacher and administrator in the Montgomery County Public Schools. (Penn State Altoona 1947-49)

Jack L. Matthews '52, of Huntsville, AL, has been active in retirement, raising cattle and horses on a ranch in Tennessee, authoring numerous books, serving the United Methodist Church on a local and regional level, writing poetry, and traveling extensively worldwide for research purposes and personal enjoyment. (Penn State Altoona 1951-52)

Thomas L. Lord '57, of N. Fort Myers, FL, is past president of the Fort Myers Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association. (Penn State Altoona 1953-54)

Robert A. Feight '59, of Fort Thomas, AZ, is growing pecans and raising horses in retirement. (Penn State Altoona 1957-59)

Barry D. Collins '66, of Kernersville, NC, retired in July 2001 as Network Engineer for Lucent Technologies, after 30 years of service to the company. He currently serves as Development Director for the Moravian Music Foundation in Winston-Salem, NC. (Penn State Altoona 1964-66)

Barbara J. (Pierson) Michael '74, '77g, of Pottstown, PA, is president of the Penn State College of Education Alumni Society and a member of Alumni Council of the Penn State Alumni Association. (Penn State Altoona 1970-73)

Cathy Kauffman-Nearhoof '75 opened Integrist Healthcare Consulting in Duncansville, PA, in 2001. The business offers an array of services relating to case management, legal nurse and privacy matters. (Penn State Altoona 1971-73)

John Tierney '76, of North Wales, PA, has been named Managing Partner of Assurance and Business Advisory Services for the Mid-Atlantic Area by Ernst & Young LLP, Philadelphia. (Penn State Altoona 1972-74)

Lawrence J. Shank, III, '79, of E. Hartland, CT, is a Senior Project Engineer for Dyno Nobel, Inc. Larry has served as Engineering Team Leader while establishing manufacturing plants in South Africa, Mexico, Chile and India. He writes that he is mostly responsible for large programs in the commercial mining and construction industries. (Penn State Altoona 1977-79)

Jacob W. Sova, Jr., '80, of Pueblo, CO, is President of the Pueblo City Council. He is owner of Sova Chiropractic Center, and has been a practicing chiropractor since 1984. (Penn State Altoona 1976-78)

Terry (Armstrong) Bates '83, of Mountain Top, PA, opened Keystone Points of Knowledge, a franchise of Knowledge Points, in December 2002. Terry and husband, Doug '80, have two children: Chelsea, 15, and Michael, 13. (Penn State Altoona 1978-80, both)

Cathy Shadle '85, of Chambersburg, PA, is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Sadler Health Corporation in Carlisle, PA. (Penn State Altoona 1978-85)

Dan H. Saylor '88, of Galloway, OH, and wife, Jenny, are the parents of two sons, ages 3 and 5. (Penn State Altoona 1986-88)

Peter Schlosser '89, of Hickory, NC, and wife, Beth, are the parents of twins, Alexander Jon and Amelia Eileen, born January 30, 2003. (Penn State Altoona 1985-87)

Brenda (Rahm) Bartkowski '91 and husband, T.J., of Clarks Summit, PA, are the parents of two daughters. Brenda operates her own Internet business. (Penn State Altoona 1987-89)

Laura F. Coleman '91 received a Master of Science Degree in Education from Duquesne University in December 2002. (Penn State Altoona 1987-89)

Mary Ann Manna-Litherland '91 and husband, James '92, are the parents of four: twin daughters born June 5, 2003; Leana, 5; and Andrea, 3. (Penn State Altoona 1986-88, both)

Douglas Miles '91, of Richmond, VA, has announced his engagement to Christine Saunders and a wedding date of May 22, 2004. (Penn State Altoona 1986-87)

Richard S. Dissinger '92, of Lebanon, PA, and wife, Kelli, are the parents of two: Evan, 5, and Emma, 1. Rick is a teacher, boy's varsity basketball coach and golf coach at Cedar Crest High School. (Penn State Altoona 1988-90)

Elizabeth Ann (Miller) Saylor '92, '00g of Altoona, and husband, Bryan, are the parents of two: Natalie, 4, and Aaron Michael, born August 29, 2002. (Penn State Altoona 1988-90)

Christian W. Stubner '92, of Erie, CO, and wife, Colleen, announced the birth of their son, Matthew Joseph, on June 12, 2003. (Penn State Altoona 1988-90)

Cynthia Alamo Thimme '93 and husband, Frederick, have a son, Trevor Loukas, 1, and are expecting a second child in November. (Penn State Altoona 1988-90)

Melissa (Wilfong) Boose '94 and husband, Steve, of Altoona, celebrated the birth of their daughter, Natalie Shae, on January 31, 2003. (Penn State Altoona 1990-92)

Amy (Beck) Branson '94 and husband, Michael, of Newton, KS, are the parents of two daughters: Sarah Elizabeth, 4, and Emily May, 2. (Penn State Altoona 1989-91)

Kenneth A. "Kal" Lowden '95, and wife, Jill, of Folsom, CA, are expecting their first child in December. (Penn State Altoona 1991-94)

Kristin (Sharrer) Rickrode '95 and husband, Joseph '96, of New Oxford, PA, are the parents of two sons: Josh and Luke. (Penn State Altoona 1991-93, Kristin; 1992-94, Joseph)

Amy J. Yeager '95, of Collinsville, IL, completed work on a Master of Public Health Degree, with a Behavioral Science and Health Education concentration, at Saint Louis University in 2002. She is Vice-President of the Illinois Society of Public Health Education and a member of the Editorial Board of the Illinois Drug Education Alliance. (Penn State Altoona 1991-92)

Wendy (Woolridge) Zolnak '95 and husband, Eric, of Altoona, are the parents of two sons: Noah and Jonah Seth, born August 7, 2002. (Penn State Altoona 1991-93)

Elizabeth Diviney Abraham '97, of Altoona, PA, is a certified registered Nurse Practitioner with the Center for Allergy & Asthma Care in Altoona. She earned a Master's Degree in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh in 2001.

Lisa Ivory '99, of Johnstown, PA, has joined the staff of a local methadone clinic as a therapist for drug-dependent individuals. (Penn State Altoona 1995-97)

Deanna (Jarvis) Mennett '01 and Cory Mennett '01, of Johnstown, PA, were married in the Edith Davis Eve Chapel at Penn State Altoona on August 31, 2002. (Penn State Altoona 1997-2001, both)

Michael Swartz '01, of Duncansville, PA, has been deployed with his Army National Guard unit to Kosovo on a peacekeeping mission expected to last through February. Michael is a Platoon Sergeant. His deployment address is: SFC Swartz, C Co 2/112th IN, Camp Bondsteel, APO AE 09340. (Penn State Altoona 1998-01)

John P. Hearn '02 is pursuing a career in real estate management and appraisal. (Penn State Altoona 1998-2001)

Anne Marie Davison '02, of State College, PA, has announced plans to marry in September 2004. (Penn State Altoona 1997-99)