Physics Renovation - Fall 2004 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Fall 2004

Physics Renovation

Penn State Altoona physics professors Nicholas Miskovsky, Darin Zimmerman, Gary Weisel, and Brock Weiss were recently awarded a $300,000 grant to aid their research concerning the heating of powdered metal compacts by microwave radiation. This project will provide new knowledge on the electromagnetic properties and microwave heating and sintering of powdered metals, which have a wide application in industry.

The project also will bring significant research opportunities to nine Penn State Altoona undergraduate students in the areas of science, electromechanical engineering technology, and in the applied science of materials. They will be fully involved in the project, making formidable contributions to the success of the research.

The students' experiences will conclude in the presentation of results with oral and poster presentations at regional or national meetings.

"Our hope is that that these students will learn to be scientists by participating in all aspects of the research," says Nicholas Miskovsky, professor of physics and one of the grant's authors.