Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie and Perry Geib: Remembering Their Academic Roots - Fall 2004 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Fall 2004

Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie and Perry Geib

Remembering Their Academic Roots

When Stephanie and Perry Geib stepped foot on the Penn State Altoona campus, they began a lifelong journey that, while taking them to many places, has led them back to the College where it all began.

Their paths first crossed while waiting for class to begin in the Smith Building. They arranged their schedules to have quite a few courses together, began to meet to study, and soon were dating. Their journey then took them to State College, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Maryland, where they now reside. Married with three children, Stephanie holds degrees in psychology from the University of Houston and Cornell, while Perry holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Penn State.

Despite their travels to so many other places, their early academic roots at Penn State Altoona still call to them. Visiting the campus in July, they were greatly impressed with the growth and direction the College has taken. States Perry, "It is even more beautiful than we remember and we were so happy to hear of the increase in enrollment and new four-year degree programs. The idea of focusing the College to provide quality education and be a source of excellence is very exciting."

Indeed, the impression that was left with the Geibs was very powerful, so powerful that they state, "All three of our children want to go there!"

Preparation is the key to success and the Geibs credit Penn State Altoona with preparing them well. "The professors we had in Altoona made us think and prepared us for later academic success."

And for later professional success. In 1989, the Geibs founded ATSIM, to assist Northwest Airlines in completing several full-motion flight simulators. They then added other clients and services. Since then, they have been supplying engineering services to companies involved in the manufacture of flight simulation training devices, primarily for Department of Defense programs. Their engineers have worked on programs on all types of aircraft ranging from commercial passenger jets to state-of-the-art jet fighters.

A true husband-and-wife team, Stephanie manages the business side of ATSIM while her husband is more hands-on with technology. As V.P. of Internal Operations, Stephanie is responsible for financial and human relations matters. Perry, as President and V.P. of Engineering, also oversees sales, marketing and recruitment.

Despite the pressing demands of balancing a complex, family-owned business with raising a family, the Geibs have stayed connected and engaged with the institution that brought them together. Over the years, they have created the HOPES Fund for the mathematics department at University Park and most recently have agreed to serve on Penn State Altoona's newly formed Development Council (see story p. 46). They explain their commitment to Penn State Altoona:

"We were young and impressionable youths when we first set foot on the Penn State Altoona campus. Our time there prepared us for our journey ahead in life. It helped anchor our beliefs in our values and ourselves as we faced uncertainly and obstacles."

"Now, as we are raising our own children and reexamining the foundation of our own lives, we have seen the importance of having a strong academic foundation for a successful life. We want to be able to help give some of our experience, ideas and energy back to one of the institutions that helped us so much early on in our lives. We want to be a part of a vision of excellence and opportunity that only a quality education can provide." —Stephanie and Perry Geib