Lori J. Bechtel - Spring 2006 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Spring 2006

Lori J. Bechtel

"I chose to come back to Altoona because I love the community so much. I have always worked hard; I love what I do. I go to work with enthusiasm every day, and they even pay me."
— Lori J. Bechtel

Lori J. Bechtel (chancellor) received the 2006 Athena Award from the Blair County Chamber of Commerce at its annual awards ceremony. The Athena Award program celebrates the potential of all women as valued members and leaders of the community and recognizes those who support them. This award honors individuals who strive toward the highest levels of professional accomplishment. The honorees are professionals who have excelled in their chosen field and have devoted time and energy to their community in a meaningful way.

Upon receipt of this award, a surprised Bechtel humbly remarked, "I can't tell you what an honor it is to receive this recognition. There are people more deserving than I am." Bechtel also received the YWCA of Altoona's 2006 Tribute to Women award in the field of education; this award honors community women for their community service, professional achievement, integrity, leadership, and dedication. She also was the recipient of a Blair County Fellow award from the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation, that recognizes an individual's commitment to the future of the local community, both monetarily and in other ways.