Hand in HUD - Winter 2008 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Winter 2008

Hand in HUD

“Anything about community relations and our young people trying to be a positive influence on local youth is good. The excitement that the kids had was overwhelming to me.”
~Joe Piotti

A partnership between Penn State Altoona and the Altoona Housing Authority kept students busy and community residents well cared for during the fall 2007 semester.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) launched the Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC) program in 1994 to foster and support collaborations between institutions of higher education and communities. During the fall, HUD COPC grants allowed Penn State Altoona students to provide community members with health care, literature, and fellowship.

Penn State Altoona nursing program students partnered with the Altoona Regional Health System to provide free osteoporosis screenings for residents of the 11th Street and the Green Avenue Towers. Residents also were guided through a short exercise program.

The Penn State Altoona Literature Club undertook a Holiday Stories project in which students read to residents of the Green Avenue Towers to encourage older adults to share their own memories and stories.

The college’s baseball team also got in the game by hosting youth from the Fairview Hills After School Program. Coach Joe Piotti invited the youngsters to meet and play ball with several members of the team.