Books, Publications, and Presentations - Winter 2008 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Winter 2008

Books, Publications, and Presentations

Brian Black (associate professor of history and environmental studies) was an invited lecturer at the University of Houston’s symposium “American Energy Policy in the 1970s.” Titled “The Consumer’s Hand Made Visible: American Petroleum Consumption of the 1970s,” Black’s talk was based on some of his research this semester as a Scholar-in-Residence at Penn State’s Institute of Arts and Humanities.

Louie Campbell’s (associate professor of communication arts and sciences) book, Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: “Have You Heard My Message?,” a biography of one of the pioneers of the gay rights movement, has been published by the Haworth Press.

Erin Murphy’s (assistant professor of English), latest book of poems, Dislocation and Other Theories, has been published by Word Press. Poet Lee Upton stated that, “Erin Murphy is a sly, funny, clear-eyed poet whose poems close with the satisfying ringing sound of deft ironies sliding into place. She has the courage of her idiosyncrasies, a pitch-perfect ear, and the confidence to probe the more tender hypocrisies of our culture. It’s just like her to tell us something we didn’t know we knew. Well, now we know. This is a marvelous book.” For more information about this work, visit online.

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley (assistant professor of English) published her third collection of poetry. The River is Rising explores issues about gender, family, home and place, war and survival, and the cross-cultural reality of living in the Diaspora.

Jerome Zolten (associate professor of communication arts and sciences) hosted a Penn State Public Broadcasting radio special in November. The program, Boppin’ with Pekar, was an hour history of jazz with special guest Harvey Pekar, best known for “American Splendor,” the underground comic book series and the 2003 film adapted from it.