Letter from the President - Winter 2008 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Winter 2008

Letter from the President

The tie that binds us all is our affinity for Penn State Altoona. Each of us is certain to have a few prominent memories of our days as a student or of particular visits to campus that remain with us. This Penn State community feeling is a big factor in our Alumni Association being the largest of its kind in the country. As an Alumni Society, we feel it is vitally important to be a part of the fond memories that our current students are making every day.

As alumni, our presence on campus has a powerful impact on students’ perception of Penn State Altoona and their membership in the collegiate family that has developed over the years. At each and every event we hold, students express both sincere gratitude and disbelief that alumni could care so much about their academic achievements. The key ingredient in a successful “Finals Snacks” event is not the free pizza, but rather the confidence that is instilled with each slice!

If you have been hesitant to become involved with the Penn State Altoona Alumni Society for one reason or another, I encourage you to join us as we work to serve the student body. I can personally guarantee that you will be so glad that you did the first time you see the smiles of appreciation from a student who is walking in your old footsteps across campus.