Commencement - Spring 2009 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Spring 2009


Fall 2008

The fall 2008 commencement ceremony was held Saturday, December 20, in the Adler Athletic Complex. One hundrednineteen students processed. Dr. Ronald L. Mallett, professor of physics at the University of Connecticut, was the commencement speaker. Mallett began his undergraduate studies at Penn State Altoona and is now regarded as an authority on time travel. Mallett has written a book titled Time Traveler, A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality. Film rights to the book have been acquired by director Spike Lee’s production company, Forty Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Inc. The Emmy-winning and Academy Award-nominated Lee will cowrite the script and direct. The book has been reprinted in Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Mallett addressed the audience about his pursuit of his boyhood dream of travelling in time to see his late father once again, and encouraged the graduates to similarly follow their dreams.

Spring 2009

The spring 2009 commencement will take place Saturday, May 9, at the Blair County Convention Center. The change of venue will allow all graduates to participate in one ceremony. Close to three hundred students are slated to process. The commencement speaker is the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses at The Pennsylvania State University, John J. Romano. Romano provides academic and administrative leadership for nineteen undergraduate campuses across Pennsylvania. He has been a leader in general education by serving as an executive council member, executive director, and finally as president of the Association for General and Liberal Studies, a national organization committed to undergraduate general education reform and innovation. Romano has spoken on many issues of general education at numerous state and national functions on topics such as "The Changing Role of Higher Education," "Trends in General Education," and "Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education." Romano received his B.S. in secondary education (physics) from the State University of New York, College at Oswego. He holds an M.S. from Springfield College in guidance and counseling and a Ph.D. in counselor education from Penn State.