Carolyn Mahan - Spring 2010 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Spring 2010

Carolyn Mahan

Carolyn Mahan, associate professor of biology, is the recipient of the University-wide 2009 Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching. Established in 1992, the award is generally bestowed upon faculty who, in addition to being outstanding teachers themselves, have also provided some kind of support or mentoring to others. Milton S. Eisenhower was president of Penn State from 1950 - 1956.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Ken Womack states, "The passion and commitment that Dr. Mahan brings to every aspect of her work is a great credit to the University. She balances her considerable attainments in the classroom with an internationally renowned research program involving biodiversity and endangered ecosystems. To her great credit, Professor Mahan has conducted undergraduate research with some thirty students; of these students, seventeen have seen their work result in published papers or academic presentations. Perhaps even more significantly, eleven students have earned undergraduate student awards for their scholarly work under her tutelage."