In Remembrance - Spring 2014 Ivy Leaf Magazine

Ivy Leaf - Spring 2014

In Remembrance

Donald R. Langer ’50, Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
October 12, 2013. Retired.

Harold E. Wagner ’50, ’53g, Vermilion, Ohio
July 29, 2013. Retired educator and administrator.

Merle K. Evey ’52, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
December 13, 2013. Retired.

John D. Luddy ’55, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
December 9, 2013. Retired.

Donald R. Miller ’55, Vestal, New York
August 26, 2013. Retired project manager.

William Ceasor Rodriguez ’55, Bells, Tennessee
September 23, 2013. Retired.

William Rodney “Bill” Rutherford ’57a, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
February 12, 2012. Retired businessman.

Allen E. Travis ’57, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
April 26, 2012. Retired.

Perry R. “Butch” DeNisi ’66, El Segundo, California
December 18, 2013. Engineering sales representative and proprietor of Perry’s Pizza in Los Angeles, California, and Hawaii.

John S. Futey Jr. ’69, Ligonier, Pennsylvania
November 4, 2013. Retired.

Jeffrey K. Wagner, Ph.D. ’74, Huron, Ohio
July 8, 2013. Retired college professor.

Michael R. Winkler ’75, Altoona, Pennsylvania
October 20, 2013. Retired.

Thomas Stoltz Jr. ’80, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
November 30, 2013. Chief Financial Officer, Pyramid Healthcare.

Linda M. (Walter) Dodson ’83, Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania
August 24, 2013. Educator.

Dr. Michael J. Rizzo ’85, Flinton, Pennsylvania
August 25, 2013. Chiropractor.

Kevin James Hanlin ’86, Altoona, Pennsylvania
October 24, 2013. Electrician.

Christopher Paul “Chris” Kopac ’91, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
May 28, 2013. Businessman and owner of Kopac, Inc.

Paul J. Mellott, Avis, Pennsylvania
August 9, 2013. Retired highway construction inspector/CDS operator.

Beloved Friend, Respected Colleague

Tim Bruce, December 7, 2013
Tim began his employment with Penn State Altoona in August 1992 as a janitorial staff member for the Housing and Food Services Office, and most recently served in the position of Maintenance Worker Landscape A. Tim also served as Union Steward during his employment at Penn State Altoona. Tim was respected by all faculty and staff with whom he worked and was a dedicated employee who demonstrated his commitment to Penn State Altoona every day, by both his work ethic and his positive personality. Tim was a devoted father of seven children and step-children, and his two eldest daughters are currently enrolled at Penn State. Tim was remarried this past September to Jenette Chichy. Tim’s brother and best friend, Russ Bruce, is also a General Maintenance Worker at Penn State Altoona.