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Their Penn State Altoona

My Penn State Altoona

best experience

Sheree Stoner ’13

I went to Penn State Altoona after a semester at [another school], and after such a terrible first semester experience, I was a little apprehensive. Going to Penn State Altoona was the best decision I ever could have made. I met my amazing boyfriend and some life-long friends who I still stay in contact with even though they are all over the state. Penn State Altoona’s academics really prepared me for life after college. I am using my psychology degree to help families who have children with behavioral problems find resources in the community.

second home

Meghan Delsite ’16

Like many students, I was disappointed when I didn’t get into University Park. However, not getting into the nursing program was the best thing that could have happened to me. I would have been overwhelmed, and I would have been tracking a career that would have made me unhappy. I ended up in Altoona, and that’s where I found my home. I made the decision to major in communications and stay here all four years, and I know that was the perfect decision for me.

life changing

Whitney Helton ’16

Before Penn State I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I followed everyone else’s plans for me. Yet how could anyone plan my life? When I came here, I met so many amazing people and faculty who have helped me become a better me, and a better student. I now know what “Whitney’s Goals” are and not what everyone’s goals are for me. I am now a Resident Assistant and a Lion Ambassador. When someone asks me what is “My Penn State Altoona,” I will always say ‘life changing’ because coming here allowed me to grow into the person I am today!

meant to be

Jenna Adams ’10

Penn State Altoona is where I met my husband, friends, and best friends who are like family to me. My husband and I met my freshman year at Penn State Altoona. It will forever be a part of our story! We continue to get together with our friends who we met through campus organizations there. Now, we are out in the work world and happily married. And Penn State Altoona is where it all began!


Shane Sedlemyer ’13

I came to Penn State Altoona originally planning to transfer to University Park as a communications major. In my first year, I got into Ivyside Pride, Penn State Altoona’s musical performance group, and got a lead role in the spring musical. This opened so many doors for me. The opportunities and support I was receiving at Penn State Altoona was unbelievable, but what really made me stay was the great faculty who knew me by name, showed an interest in me, and took the time to help me succeed. There are professors I had in my first semester who will still even now check up on me to see how I am doing. That is why I chose to stay here and have never regretted it. Since that decision to stay, I have sung with Ivyside Pride at Carnegie Hall in New York City, had a University-sponsored internship with Grammy-winning composer and Penn State alum Mike Reid, and directed “Dog Sees God” here on the Penn State Altoona stage. As an integrative arts major, I was able to gain experience in all aspects of theatre and become well-rounded, which in my opinion was just not an option at University Park. I have loved my Penn State Altoona experience, and if I was given the choice again, I would choose no differently.

life changing

Megan Riner ’13

Going to college was scary for me. Coming from a small town, I felt that everyone was smarter than I was and everyone was different than me. After the first day of my first semester, I went home crying to my mother and told her I wanted to quit. She told me to stick it out until December and if I still hated school I could drop out. I am so glad I headed my mother’s advice. Penn State Altoona became my second home.

I originally intended to major in communications, but after taking a theatre class I decided to pursue an Integrative Arts degree, as well. I became really involved with both majors; I was president of LionWire News Broadcast club, managing editor of Livewire Multimedia Online Magazine, assistant director of Spring Awakening, helped teach elements of the master control room and studio at the Devorris Downtown Center in my convergent media seminars, and even had a play I wrote produced on stage during the Student Directed One Acts. At the end of my four years, I was honored as the Student Marshal for the Division of Arts and Humanities.

Besides getting an incredible educational experience from wonderful professors, I made some of my best friends at Penn State Altoona. I keep in touch with people I had one class with freshman year more than anyone I spent years with in high school.

Going to University Park was never even an option. I loved the small class sizes and the attention from the professors. I loved walking through campus and knowing everyone I passed. Since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career wise, I loved that I didn’t have to specialize in the communications major; I received training in all the fields which is really beneficial for my current job. With all the computer programs, I was able to keep teaching myself outside of the classroom to become even more knowledgeable.

Attending Penn State Altoona was the best decision I ever made!

melting pot

Charley Ukwubiwe ’16

As a high school “overachiever,” obsessed with school politics and spirit, I was naturally drawn to the prideful nature of Penn State. However, coming from New York City, I had no idea of what to expect from a Penn State Commonwealth campus in Altoona, Pennsylvania. I had never even heard of Altoona.

I expected to hate my first two years of college. The game plan was just to focus on my grades and head to University Park, Vanderbilt, or NYU. However, I ended up joining Greek Life, becoming the 2012-2013 Freshman Class President, an actress in Spring Awakening: The Musical, the president and creator of the up and coming Fashion Club, a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi), and establishing some of the strongest relationships of my life. I do not regret my time here at all or the new perspectives I’ve been given the opportunity to see. This campus is full of people so diverse in their mindsets and cultures that I learn something new about myself and the world each day.

People ask me why I left New York for Altoona. I ask, “Why wouldn’t I?”

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