Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Academic Plan

Program Coordinator

Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly, '09

Erin has published an article in the Huffington Post.

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Our Students and Their LAS Themes

David Applas

David Applas, '17
Liberal Arts and Business

Lydia Berry

Lydia Berry, '18
Comparative Humanities

Veronica Compton

Veronica Compton, '16
Pre-Professional Library Science

Jade Diggs

Jade Diggs, '19
Healthcare and Social Sciences

Aaron James

Aaron James, '18
Theatre and Communications

Ethan Knepp

Ethan Knepp, '17
Artistic Marketing

Mikayla Loudenslager

Mikayla Loudenslager, '18

Georgiana Venesky

Georgiana Venesky, '18
Creative Business and Marketing

Sam Evans

Sam Evans, '19
Entrepreneurship & Communications

Damon DePaolis

Damon DePaolis, '18
Environmental Philosophy & Literature

Why Major in Letters, Arts, and Sciences?

Penn State Altoona’s Letters, Arts, and Sciences degree program allows you to uniquely tailor your course of study to meet your individual pursuits, and was designed entirely by our students to meet their own goals and interests. Rather than focusing your classes on one subject, you will develop a program that combines at least three different academic areas.

For example, your primary interest may be criminal justice or business, but you want your college experience to include a broad liberal arts education as well. Or you might wish to focus on psychology, but would like to include human development and family studies or counseling education courses in your overall plan. You may wish to be a science reporter or business journalist and therefore need to take upper-level classes not only in media writing but also in science and business.

Letters, Arts, and Sciences puts you at the drafting table. Working closely with an advisor, you decide which classes best fit your interests and skills and build an undergraduate program that meets your needs.

Develop the Skills Employers Want

What do hiring managers look for in today’s college graduates? Critical thinking. Communication skills. Creative problem-solving. The Letters, Arts, and Sciences degree program at Penn State Altoona allows you to develop these vital skills while building on your own individual academic interests and strengths.

Academic Themes

Below are some programs our Letters, Arts, and Sciences students have recently designed. Choose from these or create your own program and add to this list!

Adventure Media; Environmental Journalism; Pre-law; Allied Healthcare; Peace and Conflict Resolution; Professional Communications and the Humanities; Youth Outreach and Leadership; Event Planning; American Studies and Culture; Social Services Administration; History and Media; Communications and Liberal Arts; and Pre-physical Therapy