Devan Bechtol: Student Testimonial - Letters, Arts, and Sciences - Penn State Altoona

Devan Bechtol

Devan Bechtol

Student Testimonial

High School: Penns Valley Area High School

Why Penn State Altoona?
I came to Penn State Altoona because I liked the smaller class sizes and the beautiful campus.

Why the L.A.S. program?
I chose the L.A.S. program because it gave me the opportunity to widen my academic focus and create the most beneficial plan for my future.

My Major: “Education and Communication”
My subjects of focus are education, communication, and business. They will help me to develop my theme of “Education and Communication” in the business world.

I started out in elementary education and decided that I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore. I had also been interested in business and communications classes because I have my own Mary Kay business. By combining these three elements, I have gotten a well-rounded education that I’m confident will help me tremendously in my career. I loved that this degree allowed me to have more choices with my education.

Did you plan to stay four years?
I originally thought I might transfer to University Park because it is closer to my hometown, but I changed my mind because I enjoyed the smaller class sizes and community here at Altoona.

What's next?
I plan on continuing to work my Mary Kay business and to move up through the company to management. I am also obtaining another job, but I haven’t made any final decisions at this time. I will probably continue to work in the sales and customer service field.