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Katey Cheplick

Student Testimonial

Hometown: Watkins Glen, NY

Why Penn State Altoona?
For the opportunity to continue playing sports.

Why the L.A.S. program?
It allowed me to take classes and study all the things that interested me. It gave me a creative approach to my degree.

My Major: “Non-Western Studies”
A combindation of Art History, History, Philosophy, Religion, and Comparative Literature
I was an Art History major for two years before I came to Penn State and decided that with the LAS program, I could broaden my degree by adding the other subjects. Like most things in college, each of my subjects applies to all of the others.

What's next?
I want to be a college professor eventually or maybe work in government.

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Sandra Petrulionis

Dr. Sandra H. Petrulionis

Distinguished Professor of English and American Studies
Arts and Humanities

Office: 129 Misciagna Family Center
Phone: 814-949-5365
Email: @psu.edu
WWW: http://www.personal.psu.edu/shp2

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