Math 003

Basic Skills

3 credits

Blue Book Description: Natural numbers; integers; rational numbers; decimals; ratio, proportion; percent; graphs; applications. Students who have passed MATH 001 may not schedule this course for credit. This course may not be used to satisfy the basic minimum requirements for graduation in any baccalaureate degree program.

Pre-requisites: None

Pre-requisite for: None

Suggested Textbook:
Basic College Math w/ Early Integers, Martin-Gay, Pearson Prentice-Hall, ISBN 9780132227490.
Check with your instructor to make sure this is the textbook used for your section.

Chapter 1 - Whole Numbers
Chapter 2 - Integers and Introduction to Variables
Chapter 3 - Fractions
Chapter 4 - Decimals
Chapter 5 - Ratio,Proportion, and Measurement
Chapter 6 - Percent
Chapter 7 - Statistics and Probability
Chapter 8 - Introduction to Algebra (sections 8.1 - 8.4 only)