Math 026

Plane Trigonometry

3 credits

Blue Book Description: Trigonometric functions; solutions of triangles; trigonometric equations; identities

Pre-requisites: MATH 021 or satisfactory performance on the mathematics proficiency examination (score at least 13 on MATH 040 SOAR test); one unit of geometry.

Pre-requisite for: MATH 140

Suggested Textbook:
Trigonometry, A Unit Circle Approach, 8th edition, 2008 Michael Sullivan, Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN-10: 0-13-239279-8
Check with your instructor to make sure this is the textbook used for your section.

Chapter 1: Graphs and Functions (review)
Section 1.1 The Distance and Midpoint Formulas
Section 1.2 Graphs and Equations in two variables; Circles
Section 1.3 Functions and Their Graphs
Section 1.4 Properties of Functions
Section 1.5 Library of Functions; Piecewise-defined Functions
Section 1.6 Graphing Techniques; Transformations
Section 1.7 One-to-One Functions; Inverse Functions

Chapter 2: Trigonometric Functions
Section 2.1 Angles and Their Measure
Section 2.2 Trigonometric Functions; Unit Circle Approach
Section 2.3 Properties of the Trigonometric Functions
Section 2.4 Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions
Section 2.5 Graphs of Tangent, Cotangent, Cosecant, and Secant Functions
Section 2.6 Phase Shift; Sinusoidal Curve Fitting

Chapter 3: Analytic Trigonometry
Section 3.1 Inverse Sine, Cosine and Tangent Functions
Section 3.2 Inverse Trigonometric Functions (continued)
Section 3.3 Trigonometric Identities
Section 3.4 Sum and Difference Formulas
Section 3.5 Double-angle and Half-angle Formulas
Section 3.6 Product-to-sum and Sum-to-product Formulas
Section 3.7 Trigonometric Equations (I)
Section 3.8 Trigonometric Equations (II)

Chapter 4: Applications of Trigonometric Functions
Section 4.1 Applications involving Right Triangles
Section 4.2 The Law of Sines
Section 4.3 The Law of Cosines
Section 4.4 Area of a Triangle
Section 4.5 Simple Harmonic Motion: Damped Motion: Combining Waves

Chapter 5: Polar Coordinates
Section 5.1 Polar Coordinates
Section 5.2 Polar Equations and Graphs