Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Penn State Altoona

Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Penn State Altoona offers courses in agriculture, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental studies, geography, geoscience, mathematics, meteorology, molecular biology, physics, and statistics. The Division has approximately 35 tenured and tenure-track postitions, 15 full-time instructors, 40 part-time instructors, 3 staff assistants, and 3 lab technicians. The Division offers bachelor's degrees in Biology, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, and Science and minors in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Mathematics Applications, and Natural Sciences.

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Edward Levri

Dr. Edward P. Levri

Division Head, Associate Professor of Biology
Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Elm Building
WWW: http://www.personal.psu.edu/epl1

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