Faculty & Staff Directory

Bonnie Imler
Ms. Bonnie B. Imler
Library Director

Office: 217 Eiche Library
Phone: 814-949-5499
Email: @psu.edu
WWW: http://www.personal.psu.edu/bbi1

Fredina Ingold
Ms. Fredina M. Ingold
Director of Athletics

Office: 102A Adler Athletic Complex
Phone: 814-949-5410
Email: @psu.edu

Ms. Marty Jo Irvin Stellabotte
Part Time Lecturer in Communications
Arts and Humanities

Office: Hawthorn Building
Phone: 814-949-5300 x6207
Email: @psu.edu

Ms. Carol A. Irwin
Part Time Administrative Assistant
Academic Affairs

Office: W116 Smith Building
Phone: 814-949-5280
Email: @psu.edu

Ms. Karen Isenberg
Part Time Administrative Assistant
Continuing Education and Training

Office: Aaron Building, 1431 12th Avenue
Phone: 814-949-5300 x6351
Email: @psu.edu