Tunnel of Opression

The Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive program that highlights contemporary issues of oppression it its various forms. The program is designed to introduce oppression in its various forms. The program is designed to introduce participants to the concepts of oppression, privilege, and power as well as educate and challenge them to think more deeply about related issues.

The Tunnel of Oppression is a campus diversity initiative originally developed at Western Illinois University. The initiative stemmed from a homogeneous campus environment searching for a way to represent the realities of oppression into a full sensory experiential manner. The creators of the Tunnel of Oppression wanted to give participants the opportunity to see, touch, hear, and feel the realities of oppression as a stepping stone towards creating diversity awareness. The first Tunnel of Oppression was loosely based off of the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, CA.

Who should participate?
Students/faculty/staff interested in participating in an interactive program that challenges them to learn about and think critically about topics of oppression, power, and privilege.

What will you learn?
By participating in this program, participants will be able to gain knowledge of current topics related to oppression, power, and privilege.

How Will You Learn It?
Participants will walk through a simulated tunnel with stations or booths throughout the path that focus on a different topic. Each station may deliver information or create an experience in various manners that stimulate your mind or even jar your emotions. At the end of the Tunnel of Oppression is the Tunnel of Hope to offer participants opportunities to explore ways to address and improve upon the presented issues of oppression. There are also ways for participants to debrief what they experienced through silent refection or facilitated discussion.

Have a Tunnel Exhibit
Student organizations and University departments are invited to submit proposals to have an exhibit in the Tunnel of Oppression

When will this program take place?
The 2014 Tunnel is offered February 17 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., February 18 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 5:30 – 8 p.m. in the Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts.

All clubs and organizations that plan to be part of the exhibit must fill out this form and submit it to diverse@psu.edu no later than November 30.

Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Phone Number:
Choose one: Media
Spoken Word
Topic of Proposal: Race
Describe your presentation/skit/media/other
What equipment is needed?
How much space do you need?
Additional Comments/Requrests

Please feel free to contact Yolanda Avent or Jamie Piperato with any questions/concerns/comments. Thank you.