Student Life - Penn State Altoona

Student and Civic Engagement

Be Involved

Define what the college experience is for yourself and get involved! Meet people with similar interests as you, get experience that complements your classroom learning, and make some great, lifelong memories!

Be Informed

Stay on top of all the information that is pertinent to you: upcoming events, important dates, policies, procedures, etc. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact OSL at

Be a Leader

Do you feel that you are destined to do great things? Anyone can be a leader, and, at Penn State Altoona, we will teach you how! Click below to find out what opportunities are available to you.

Be a Citizen

Being a citizen of a community is more than just voting and obeying the law, it means actively engaging yourself to make your community better than when you found it. You are a citizen of countless communities throughout your life. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities offered here to simultaneously make yourself a better citizen and your Penn State Altoona community better because of your involvement!