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Academic Calendar

Spring 2016

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Penn State Altoona Academic Calendar - Fall Semester
Intent to Graduate Activation PeriodJan 2-25Sat-Mon
Leave of Absence DeadlineJan 8Fri
Arrival of Residence Hall StudentsJan 10Sun
Registration Deadline (only available on eLion)Jan 10Sun
Classes BeginJan 11Mon
Martin Luther King Day – No ClassesJan 18Mon
1Regular Drop DeadlineJan 20Wed
1Regular Add DeadlineJan 21 at 8 a.m.Thurs
1Late Drop BeginsJan 21Thurs
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Filing PeriodJan 21-Feb 1Thurs-Mon
1Late Registration BeginsJan 22Fri
Last day to Complete RegistrationFeb 5Fri
Cancellation Date for Incomplete RegistrationFeb 8Mon
Final Exam Conflict Filing PeriodFeb 15-Mar 4Mon-Fri
Spring Break—No ClassesMar 7-12Mon-Sat
1Late Drop DeadlineApr 8Fri
Declare Minor Deadline for SP16 GradsApr 8Fri
Withdrawal DeadlineApr 29Fri
Classes EndApr 29Fri
Study DaysApr 30-May 1Sat-Sun
Final ExamsMay 2-5Mon-Thurs
Penn State Altoona CommencementMay 7Sat
University Park CommencementMay 6-8Fri-Sun

1 These dates apply to full semester courses. Refer to the eLion “Schedule - Course Drop Dates” application for further information. Starting with the first day of the class, a tuition penalty may be charged if the course is dropped.

This calendar is subject to change without notice. In preparing the calendar for an academic year, the University makes every effort to avoid conflict with religious holidays. However, conflicts are sometimes unavoidable. When they occur, efforts are made to make special arrangements for students affected.