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Change of Campus

Penn State Altoona Change of Location/Change of Campus Guidelines

For students currently enrolled at Penn State Altoona who want to enroll at a different Penn State location in a future semester
The majority of baccalaureate students who enroll at Penn State remain at their campus of admission until such time that they enter their major through the formal Entrance to Major process in the spring semester of their sophomore year. On occasion, students find it necessary to relocate to another campus location prior to entering their major as juniors

This information is intended for students who are currently enrolled at Penn State Altoona who are considering relocation to University Park or another campus location. It is based upon University policy as well as campus guidelines.

This document does not apply to students who are enrolled at other campus locations, nor does it apply for subsequent relocation once a student has moved from Altoona to another campus, nor does it apply to students seeking to relocate to Penn State Altoona. Please see the appropriate guidelines for students seeking to relocate to Penn State Altoona in a separate document.

About the Process: Considerations for students proposing to leave Altoona for another campus: Non-academic circumstances that will not be supported by Penn State Altoona: Non-academic circumstances that will be supported for change of campus from Penn State Altoona to another campus: "Confirmed participation" means that the appropriate commanding officer, coach or director can verify, in writing, that the student will participate for the upcoming semester.

For ROTC and varsity athletics, receiving units, the Colleges at University Park, have differing local policies for final approval. Ex: The College of Engineering at University Park only supports requests for academic reasons. Students with questions should contact their college office at University Park.

For the full University policy on change of campus, review the D policies, especially, D-1, at this website:

Student Action:
  1. Meet with your current academic advisor to review major preferences and progress in your current or intended major. Determine whether or not Penn State Altoona can provide you with a schedule of classes to make academic progress in this major. Review entrance to major requirements.
  2. Submit a Change of Campus request via LionPath
Locally, questions can be addressed individually with Gina Baird, Coordinator of Clientele Services, 814-949-5035, E130 Smith Building,