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Nathan Harris, '15

Rail Transportation Engineering major Glastonbury, CT

"The RTE program was designed with input from leaders in the industry, so I am leaving with a degree that employers need and want. Through my summer internship I am making connections and I know there will be jobs for me after graduation in my field."


Penn State Altoona is now offering the nation’s first and only Bachelor’s of Science in Rail Transportation Engineering (RTE). In this program, students gain the in-depth engineering and mathematics education required to meet the challenges facing today’s railroad industry. With cutting-edge training in civil infrastructure, signaling, mechanical design/maintenance, and railway operations, RTE graduates are poised to become the leaders of tomorrow’s railroads. With a worldwide resurgence in rail transportation over the last several decades, there is now a great need to train and educate the next generation of railroad engineering professionals. Graduates can expect to work in management and/or engineering roles in either the private or public sector. Countless rail industry companies and organizations are seeking trained engineering professionals, including: Class I railroad companies, shortline railroads, engineering consulting firms, railway suppliers, federal agencies, and various research institutions.

The RTE program is intended for the serious engineering-minded student interested in leading tomorrow’s railroads!

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Stephen Dillen

Mr. Stephen L. Dillen

Instructor in Electrical Engineering
Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences & Technology

Office: 216A Penn Building
Phone: 814-940-3331
Email: @psu.edu

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