Standing Committee Membership Assignments - Faculty Senate - Penn State Altoona

Standing Committee Membership Assignments

Penn State Altoona Faculty Senate
Standing Committee Membership Assignments
2013-2014 Senate Year


  • William White, Chair
  • Peter Hopsicker, Immediate Past-Chairperson
  • Doug Page, Secretary
  • Jeff Knapp, Ombudsman


Academic Affairs

Advise on undergraduate instruction, including policies and procedures related to teaching and advising.

  • David Hurtubise, Chair
  • Matt Evans, Vice Chair
  • Mohammed Kurdi
  • Paula Kustenbauder
  • Christine McCombie
  • Xuebing Yang

Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid

Advise on policies concerning admissions, enrollment, and retention insofar as they affect the faculty's mission.

  • Mark Johnson, Chair
  • Chris Oliver, Vice Chair
  • Hai Huang
  • Scott Kelly
  • Tracey Kleinmeyer
  • Yimin Zhu

Budgets, College Planning, and University Development

Advise on budgeting, funding priorities, and other strategic planning matters as they affect the faculty's mission.

  • Deb Hommer, Chair
  • Beth Seymour, Vice Chair
  • Indrani Basak
  • Stacey Corle
  • Joanne Peca

Committees, Procedures, and Constitutional Revisions

Establish Senate procedures, policies, and rules.

  • Bill White, Chair
  • Doug Page, Vice Chair
  • Sam Findley
  • Mark Johnson
  • Beth Seymour

Curricular Affairs

Review, evaluate, and approve course, curriculum, and program-related proposals at Penn State Altoona.

  • Dave Parry, Chair
  • Lauren Jacobson, Vice Chair
  • Dave Barnes
  • Nick Pyeatt
  • Mike Weiner
  • Mark McNicholas

Faculty Affairs

Advise on faculty-related policies, procedures, and resources.

  • Brad Pinter, Chair
  • Kay Chick, Vice Chair
  • Sohail Anwar
  • Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber
  • Wojciech Dorabiala
  • Ilse-Rose Warg
  • Marc Harris

Information Technology

Advise on computers, information systems, and related technologies, particularly as they affect the faculty's mission.

  • Carrie Freie, Chair
  • Jungwoo Ryoo, Vice Chair
  • Corien Bakermans
  • Bonnie Imler
  • Nick Mohammed

Intercollegiate Athletics

Monitor the impact of athletic policies and programs on academic standards and achievement.

  • Bill Engelbret, Chair
  • Fran Mateycik, Vice Chair
  • John Carnicella
  • Scott Shepro


Foster a climate conducive to research.

  • Peter Shull, Chair
  • Barbara Hong, Vice Chair
  • Kofi Adu
  • Robert Matchock
  • Kevin Moist
  • Gary Weisel
  • Yimin Zhu


Plan social activities for the faculty and staff.

  • Joel Weiss, Chair
  • Kristen Pearson, Vice Chair
  • Shamsa Anwar
  • Prasanta Basak
  • Marienela Davis

Student Life

Serve as liaison with student organizations, and monitor student life trends, issues, and overall quality.

  • Joe Petrulionis, Chair
  • Sam Findley, Vice Chair
  • Essie Auker
  • Jay Burlingame
  • Hossein Movahedi-Lankarani
  • Bob Trumpbour