Standing Committee Membership Assignments - Faculty Senate - Penn State Altoona

Standing Committee Membership Assignments

Penn State Altoona Faculty Senate
Standing Committee Membership Assignments
2015-2016 Senate Year


Executive Committee

Oversee the efficient operation of the Senate, coordinate and may charge the activities of the Committees, and serve as an advisory body to the College Dean and Chancellor.

  • Jacobson, Lauren — Secretary
  • Marvasti, Amir — Chair
  • Trumpbour, Robert — Chair Elect
  • White, Bill — Past Chair
  • Harris, Marc — Academic Affairs Chair
  • Brunsden, Victor — Academic Affairs Vice Chair
  • Seymour, Elizabeth — Campus Climate and Diversity Chair
  • Siegfried, Esther — Campus Climate and Diversity Vice Chair
  • Parry, David — Curricular Affair Chair
  • Dorabiala, Wojciech — Curricular Affairs Vice Chair
  • Gil, Juan — Faculty Affairs Chair
  • Comanescu, Mihai — Faculty Affairs Vice Chair
Ex-Officio Members
  • Bechtel-Wherry, Lori J. — Chancellor and Dean
  • Wiens-Tuers, Barbara — Associate Dean
  • Black, Brian — Head of the Division of Arts and Humanities
  • Hopsicker, Peter — Head of the Division of Education, Human Development, & Social Sciences
  • Ryoo, Jungwoo — Head of the Division of Business & Engineering
  • Levri, Ed — Head of the Division of Math & Natural Sciences
University Senator Members
  • Brunsden, Victor
  • Hayford, Harold
  • Mahan, Carolyn
  • Rowland, Nicholas
  • Seymour, Elizabeth
  • Singer, Richard

Committees, Procedures, and Constitutional Revisions

Establish Senate procedures, policies, and rules.

  • Jacobson, Lauren — Secretary
  • Marvasti, Amir — Chair
  • Trumpbour, Robert — Chair Elect
  • White, William — Past Chair

Academic Affairs

Advise on undergraduate instruction, including policies and procedures related to teaching and advising.

  • Pearson, Kristen
  • Anwar, Sohail
  • Baird, Gina
  • Brinkel, Dana
  • Brunsden, Victor — Vice Chair
  • Chick, Kay
  • Cox, Amanda
  • Elkin, Tracey
  • Engelbret, William
  • Freie, Carrie
  • Harris, Marc — Chair
  • Hurtubise, David
  • Mohammed, Shaheed
  • Zanin-Yost, Alessia

Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid

Advise on policies concerning admissions, enrollment, and retention insofar as they affect the faculty's mission.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Monitor the impact of athletic policies and programs on academic standards and achievement.


Advise concerning matters related to teaching.

Curricular Affairs

Review, evaluate, and approve course, curriculum, and program-related proposals at Penn State Altoona.

  • Basak, Prasanta
  • Carnicella, John
  • Dillen, Steven
  • Dorabiala, Wojciech — Vice Chair
  • Lockard, Jenelle
  • Parry, David — Chair
  • Pyeatt, Nicholas
  • Johnson, Mark

Faculty Affairs

Advise on faculty-related policies, procedures, and resources.

  • Adu, Kofi
  • Agee, Mark
  • Arter, Michael
  • Bonta, Steven
  • Comanescu, Mihai — Vice Chair
  • Corle, Stacey
  • Gil, Juan — Chair
  • Haefner, Leigh
  • Krainer, Thomas
  • Moist, Kevin
  • Nemanic, Mary Lou
  • O'Harrow, Jonathan
  • Rizvi, Syed
  • Rosson, John

Information Technology

Advise on computers, information systems, and related technologies, particularly as they affect the faculty's mission.


Foster a climate conducive to research.

Campus Climate and Diversity

Foster an environment of respect, tolerance, appreciation, and mutual responsibility among faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds.

  • Basak, Indrani
  • Das, Pinaki
  • Eckenrode, Anna Rose
  • Emili, Lisa
  • Findley, Samuel
  • Huffman, Justin
  • Oliver, Christopher
  • Page, Douglas
  • Seymour, Elizabeth — Chair
  • Shepro, Scott
  • Shull, Peter
  • Siegfried, Esther — Vice Chair
  • Vellejera, Jennylyn
  • Weiss, Joel
  • Zaffino, Frank

Student Life

Serve as liaison with student organizations, and monitor student life trends, issues, and overall quality.

Budgets, College Planning, and University Development

Advise on budgeting, funding priorities, and other strategic planning matters as they affect the faculty's mission.

Equity and Diversity

Advise regarding matters related to diversity programming and campus climate.