Guidelines for Extended Reviews of Faculty Performance

In accordance with the Revised HR-40 policy, the annual faculty reviews in Altoona College will periodically consist of an Extended Review, in which longer range goals and assessments will be made. The purpose of these extended reviews is to give greater focus to faculty growth and development by reviewing accomplishments and planning future directions over a several year period. These reviews will also facilitate connections between individual and Division/College goals.

For tenure-track faculty, extended reviews shall replace the regular annual review every five years starting after the year tenure is granted or after the last promotion review. All other full-time faculty will normally have an extended review every five years after the initial date of their employment. Exceptions to this timing may be made by the Division Head for such serious reasons as anticipated retirement or promotion review, time taken off the tenure track, etc. If a Division has a large number of faculty eligible for extended review when this policy goes into effect, reviews of those faculty may be spaced over a four-year period. The order will be determined first by volunteers and then by seniority based on the date of last promotion or date of hiring. Faculty to be reviewed will be informed one year in advance.

The extended review shall be conducted by the Division Head for all Altoona College faculty, following the same procedures as the annual review. The faculty member will submit the usual activity report summarizing the previous years' accomplishments and a concise statement of plans for the future. The Division Head is responsible for compiling the faculty member's teaching evaluations, activity reports, and reviews for the previous five years. Other relevant documentation may also be submitted by the faculty member. For faculty who have retained their tenure home at University Park, input from the faculty member's Department Head will be included. The Division Head will review the materials with the faculty member and write an evaluation. When the evaluation concludes that the faculty member is effectively carrying out the College mission, there should be appropriate recognition of his/her contributions, and suggestions should be offered for institutional support to further advance and enrich the faculty member's work. When the evaluation identifies areas of weakness, the Division Head should work with the faculty member to develop a plan aimed at improving the faculty member's work, and should also include offers of institutional support as needed to accomplish the goals of the plan.

The Division Head will give a copy of the evaluation letter to the faculty member being reviewed. The faculty member may respond to the evaluation in writing to the Division Head if he or she desires. In the event of disagreements between the faculty member and the Division Head about the evaluation, the faculty member may request a separate, independent review to be conducted by the faculty member's Division Promotion and Tenure Review Committee. The current P&T committee would be modified as needed to comply with normal promotion and tenure review rules, including disciplinary representation and members with appropriate rank.

The Division Head will submit the results of the review to the Dean of Altoona College, and for faculty with tenure homes at University Park to the dean of their academic college.

Approved by Altoona College Faculty Senate, October 19, 1999
Revisions approved January 17, 2000; October 17, 2000