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Monday, March 10, 2014

Day two from beautiful Ireland! Today was a very busy day consisting of meeting with a representative from Connect Ireland. She expressed to us how important job growth has been for Ireland over the last four years and what the government, as well as the non-for-profit she works for, is doing to raise awareness, as well as promoting new industries and job growth in Ireland. Today our group had the opportunity to tour the Kilkenny design center in the heart of the previous Butler/Kilkenny castle stables. This beautiful area was home to many shops and resturaunts that are helping Kilkenny flourish. Next, we made our way to Intel, just outside of center city Dublin. At this office, they employ nearly 9000 people daily and are constantly expanding. In fact, this Ireland branch is responsible for creating the "quark" chip, the first ever in-house designed chip. For the remainder of the night we checked into the beautiful Central Hotel in downtown Dublin. We were free to roam this beautiful, culturally rich city for the rest of the night where we took in a delicious meal as well as joined in the various nightlife. We look forward to the coming days and what they hold for our group!

The streets of Dublin