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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Greetings from Dublin on a semi rainy, windy day! Day five was an incredible experience. We viewed so many companies that I lost count! We visited such companies as Irish Dairy Board (makers of famous KerryGold), Siemens, ResMed and NovaUCD. I was amazed at what an amazing business incubator program the UCD has created. They truly harness the potential in up and coming businesses and nurture and offer the best training and advice in Ireland, if not in Europe. Seeing the incubator and it's old architecture mixed with the new modern facility makes you feel a sense of innovation, change but most importantly complete unison. The dynamics of any successful business. Overall, Dublin treated the Sheetz fellows to an amazing time. I am truly grateful of the opportunities and connections that I have made but, most importantly, the experience that I have gained is invaluable. I look forward to the coming days and our time in Italy! Ciao!!!

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