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Monday, March 17, 2014

Our last day in Milan, Italy was full of adventure! We had the opportunity to visit two amazing upscale businesses located in the heart of the city. The first business we went to visit was Sergio Tacchini, a high class fashion company that focuses on designing tennis sportswear and few other outfits for other purposes. Sergio Tacchini, the founder of the company began the story of the business by giving his friends and famous Italian tennis players the sportswear he created to promote his product. After the company was established, he declared that the vision of the clothing line was to add color to tennis clothes that usually had a base color of white. The second business we went to visit was Advanced Capital, a private equity firm with new,mold, and expanding companies. We were honored to have the founder, Robert Tomei explain the story behind the company and the qualities Mr. Tomei believes to make a successful entrepreneur. Advanced Capital was established in 2000 as an early mover in anticipating successful trends before they became "conventional wisdom." Advanced Capital has invested with specific, targeted, leading international managers consistently ensuring high risk-adjusted returns. This amazing company has partnered with more than 70 companies around the world and ranked NUMBER TWO out of the world for top performing investment management firms in the world! Mr. Tomei definitely went above and beyond explaining the story behind this amazing company and his dedication of being a leading entrepreneur.